Thursday, January 26

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The lights bore down on me and at this point I covered my eyes and waited for the impact.  Then the crash and the breaking of glass and the screams, the dust settled and the fog cleared.  Looking around I was unharmed. The suspect’s vehicle that had been chasing me was a smoldering wreck.  Embedded in the windshield was an unconscious man; he was oddly dressed in a flowing robe.   The occupants in the front seat weren’t so fortunate.   This man had saved my life another moment later and I would have been a bump in the road, literally.  I radioed in and did my best to attend to the man who fell from the sky.
Phoenix is a lovely place; nights are warm even in September.  For a detective it’s an interesting place not quite as busy as places like New York or Los Angeles.   Last night’s experience made me think, recently I could feel something with this new gang we were chasing something about their leader made feel like I was being watched from two angles.  It all came to a head last night when what should have killed me didn’t.
My report of the events didn’t go over so well with the brass. I was placed on leave for a few days.   With the time off I decided to visit my hero in the hospital.
He had remained unconscious, he was breathing on his own.  No injuries were present, just lying there peaceful.  I sat myself down next to him.  There was something about him being in the room I couldn’t place it. That’s when he woke up.
“Well detective” he said, it startled me.  “Where are my things?  I need to leave here before I am probed any further.”  I didn’t know how to react I handed him his things and in flash he was ready to go. “let’s go you have questions as do I and we haven’t any time.”
I expected someone on the hospital staff to stop us but seemed like they didn’t see us. He waved away any incoming nurses and security that were at his door.  In moments we were in the parking garage.  It was at that moment that I came to my senses when he asked. “Detective where is your vehicle”
Not a step further who are you and how do you know me?  Fair enough I am Jon Mahn and we seek the same person, the gang you are chasing the leader is someone I am looking for.

Wednesday, December 7

The rifts that we create in our mind are sometimes nothing more than thoughts lost in the translation

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Spring time

First in a series of spring time pics

Monday, June 24

Summer moon

Rise and reflect on the things that have been seen
Movement to the tides pull at the seems
Source of the night and mysterious of the dark 
Shadow fall on the surface and hidden objects in the way.

Sunday, May 12

Songs in A key

Sing a song of unregistered songs
sung in a tune that has not been copyrighted
to a beat that has not been sampled on some Dj's mix
One that is original and pure
and that wasn't covered by a look-alike Cure
One that Roy's wife won't sue


Lane changes

swerve to avoid

endless mayhem

flow of the pen

white lane it follows

no measure of time

drive till finish

no not when

if ever

Thursday, March 28

End of Day

The line has come to be seen, and dusk is settling quickly
Come the morning the memories of the previous day will bring tears
Joy filed and sad but past they will have fallen
the new day comes and a different outlook will be before me
new experiences will be set before me and a change of pace will have come
walk bravely forward into its glow and do not turn from the side

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Tuesday, October 18

I have to Land Where?

I had determined to commit to print the facts involved with my countrymen, not as a testament to my writing skills but as a legacy of our people. James Lucerne “A Peoples Testimony” 1735.
The empty star field gave way to a glimmering blue object, Earth. "I really hate this job" Mikael thought. “Earth is way to far from home. Here it was high sled season and I am down on some rock making sure they don't blow themselves of the face of the galaxy, this is not what my recruiter said it would be." At least it wouldn't be that long. Two standard weeks. He would be on the on the North American continent in the middle of nowhere. The only excitement would be watching the locals’ games, and drinking beer. "Ok let’s prioritize", he thought “check in with current agent, oh wait change to appropriate garb then check in. No wait cloak ship change garb check in drink beer. There we go simple yet effective. Either way a beer should be involved."

Friday, October 7


Spin pull grapple
    Turn push float
                Void travel distance
Order permanence

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Bent lite hazed view

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Yo almost achieved

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Fold cut nudge
Nudge fold push nudge
Cut fold push nudge nudge fold

Tuesday, November 2

Inner yo almost there

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Thursday, October 28

Inner yo

I have long neglected my inner yo
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Tuesday, October 5

Hail in the Valley of the Sun

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Friday, September 24

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Night shot

Cool breeze - follow the light - memories past by
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Tuesday, September 21


The field so far, gentle to the slope. Distant to the horizon it follows the stream of conciseness. The thought fully developed underwritten by joy. All cleansed by the heat of the sun.

Burr 2

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Sunday, September 19


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Wednesday, December 9


Simple showers rain down.
they water down heavy
they water down light
they inspire flowers to grow
grow grow grow

In memory to Brock Brown

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If you can read this you are to close